Alaska Spine Institute Opens on APU Campus

A new center staffed with doctors who offer physical therapy and treat back problems has opened on the Alaska Pacific University campus at 3801 University Lake Drive.

The three-story, 60,000 square foot building will offer care for spine and sports injuries, physical therapy, rehabilitation, imaging technology and pain management, according to a news release about the new center. The center houses a new magnetic resonance imaging tool that can return better information at a faster speed, the release said.

The new building is owned by APU, and the university has formed a partnership with the institute to develop internships and improved curriculum for students.

Doctors who work at the new center include Michael James, Larry Levine, Michel Gevaert, Shawn Johnston, Susan Klimow, Francine Pulver, Sean Taylor and Robert Valentz.

Physician assistant Carolyn Craig and two nurse practitioners, Shawna Wilson and Catherine Giessel, also work there.