Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation (PM & R)

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM &R) is one of twenty-four medical sub-specialties certified by the American Board of Medical Subspecialties. PM & R is also known as Physiatry (fizz ee at’ tree or fizz eye’ uh tree).

To become a Physiatrist, our physicians attended four years of medical school, one year of internship, and at least three years of residency (specialty training) in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Some of our physicians specialized in physical medicine during their internship year for a total of 4 years of specialty training. To become “board certified” a physician must successfully pass a special test that he or she usually takes toward the end of their first year in practice.

The physicians at The Alaska Spine Institute (ASI) are all board certified or board eligible for certification by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and continue to take special courses each year to learn about the latest developments in medicine and/or to earn additional certifications beyond their basic specialty training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Physiatrists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the spine (back and neck), joints, and muscles. These injuries are often the result of trauma, sports participation or a work accident. In addition to being experts in acute and chronic pain and complex conditions of the spine, RMA’s physicians are well-known for their expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of upper and lower extremities, muscles, and joint conditions, nerve disorders, sports-related conditions, occupational injuries, and auto and personal injuries. RMA physicians also oversee rehabilitation following surgery and debilitating conditions, such as strokes and head injuries.

Physiatrists provide integrated care in the treatment of all neurologic and musculoskeletal disabilities from lower back pain to traumatic brain injury. The focus of Physiatry is to maximize a patient’s functional abilities and restore physical function so the patient can return as quickly and closely as possible to his or her pre-treatment level of function and resume active and productive lives.

For more information about physical medicine and rehabilitationuse this link: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation American Academy of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation